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       Ying Hui Enterprise Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional business registration, finance and taxation agents as the main business of the service-oriented companies, services include business investment and management consulting, business registration China, Hong Kong and abroad, business changes, Business registration, legal advice and services, translation services, and so on.

       We have a professional team composed of certified public accountants, industrial and commercial registrars, management consultants, senior accountants, lawyers and other personnel, reasonable planning and tax avoidance for customers, give rationalization proposals, reduce the burden on enterprises and improve operating efficiency!

       Ying Hui since its inception, has always committed to the “sincere, pragmatic, cooperative and responsible" professional attitude, embracing the strong sense of responsibility for nearly 1,000 corporate customers to provide efficient services. Employees adhere to the interests of corporate customers to maximize the use of information systems and data resources, professional knowledge, a wide range of foreign channels and good government relations, welcome the needs of customers, to provide our clients with practical solutions. We in the financial agency, tax audit, business management consulting and other fields have always been in the industry-leading position, continue to provide enterprises with the full range of the best quality service!

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